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Load Balancing Servers in India
Load Balancing Servers

Trijit offers load balancing services with scalable and reliable options with an affordable pricing that deliver high performance and availability for your internal and external IP client access.

Benefits of Trijit Load Balancing Services ensure fast connection and fail safe 24xforever access to web sites and other critical Internet and Intranet applications that help you minimize response time while maximizing site availability. Our load balancing server solutions support all Internet protocols and accommodate all operating systems.

Load Balancing Servers in India

Trijit load balancing services increase the capacity of your IP servers (such as web servers, FTP servers, and E-Mail servers), sharing the load among a large number of servers and making them function as one large virtual server India.

Our Load balancing works as the load balancer determines which server in your network is the least loaded and routes requests to that machine. It intelligently assigns requests, so all of your servers can operate at their full capacity - you won't have some servers idle while others overloaded. This can dramatically improve your site's reliability and response time, reducing your need for additional web servers and enhancing the user experience. Designed to be highly-scalable, it maintains the same high-speed performance as you add servers to the system. You can easily build highly-available, fault-tolerant sites.

Trijit besides setting up, operating and managing the Load Balancers offers the following:
  • Dedicated Load Balancer
  • 24 x 7 monitoring of Load Balancer functionality
  • Copies of log file reports upon request for customer records for the past week
  • System administration
  • Configuration data backup
Trijit delivers Security features which include:
  • Network Address Translation
  • Denial of Services Protection
  • TCP SYN Protection
  • SSL Support


Dedicated team TRIJIT always works hard to keep your business online forever and helps in driving your business just like as you need it too. TRIJIT team works round the clock for its client's to deliver peace of mind services, which in-turn helps in boosting your business by saving time and money in this business demandable world.
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