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DR Services in India
Disaster Recovery Solutions

DR on Demand gives your organization the flexibility to have an infallible DR solution at a fraction of the cost. Traditional disaster recovery solutions are complex to set up and expensive. They require a secondary site dedicated infrastructure, and hardware-based replication to move data to the secondary site.

DR on Demand from TRIJIT makes disaster recovery broadly accessible for all applications and sites by providing cost-efficient, automated and simple disaster protection. DR on Demand reduces overall DR protection costs in two ways:


Pay-per-use pricing model eliminates the need for large upfront capital investment to build a secondary DR site.

On Demand Infrastructure

TRIJIT has mastered private cloud technology to provide infrastructure on demand basis. So you pay only when actual disaster strikes or for a DR drill. Rest of the time you will pay only for the resources used for replication etc. This will ensure you will only pay a fraction of traditional DR cost.

DR Solutions in India
Keep your mission critical applications running even during a disaster

The business world is rife with situations, in which disaster recovery follows a traditional approach, leading to loss of precious time and money and underutilization of resources. Given the competition organizations such as yours face, implementing the right disaster recovery solution is not a priority but a necessity.

Secure your organization with DR on Demand

An outage introduces chaos at a time when it is imperative to recover and restore your business services to your clients as soon as possible. As IT becomes more integral to the outcomes of business, more applications are being classified as mission critical and IT complexity is on a rise. Any downtime or loss of data can result in lost revenue, lost customers, poor productivity, penalties or litigation, and damage to your brand, reputation, and stock price. So, how can you shield your organization from such damage and equip yourself to face unexpected disasters with confidence? The answer lies in combating unpredictability with industry-leading disaster recovery solutions.

DR on Demand: Your best bet for an effective DR solution

TRIJIT's DR on Demand is an innovative, first-of-its-kind solution in India. The DR on Demand Framework is built to align to an enterprises' - large or medium - DR strategy by offering a robust Disaster Recovery solution at a cost that fits their budget. TRIJIT uses scalable, ready-to-deploy private cloud architecture for this framework. With this solution, Trijit now supports the full LAMP and Windows Stack for on demand disaster recovery services.

DR Solutions in India


Dedicated team TRIJIT always works hard to keep your business online forever and helps in driving your business just like as you need it too. TRIJIT team works round the clock for its client's to deliver peace of mind services, which in-turn helps in boosting your business by saving time and money in this business demandable world.
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