Legendary Support Contact TRIJIT
  • Trijit launched its new Top Tier Datacenter in India, Bangalore with world class facility.
  • Trijit created the cloud infrastructure which best fits to any requirements.
  • Trijit delivered all its services on fastest ever network know as TRIJIT SWIFT NETWORK.
  • Trijit introduces a new support level mainly known as "LEGENDARY SUPPORT".
  • Trijit datacenter facilities are well knowed since people starts talking about it.

Support for Video Streaming Hosting in Cloud

Media Streaming Server Support

Trijit delivers cloud media hosting which serves quick and reliable.

Trijit provides support for all type media servers provided by TRIJIT which stated below:

Complete Satisfactory Support

Trijit Legendary Support for Media Servers includes 24/7 support which in-turn includes 15 minutes response time for chat, phone and email ticket along with remote control support (where our tech team will connect your desktop remotely to provide you knowledge and solve your problem related to media server in front of your eyes), definitely which gives you more confident on our services and finally proves and results in Trust worthy relationship with TRIJIT.

Support for all media servers provided by TRIJIT CLOUD

Trijit provides support for all three media server applications namely Wowza, Red5 and Flash media server with highly prioritized basis.

Providing basic knowledge on all media servers

Trijit Technical Team will provide you the basic knowledge on how to completely use the media server application provided by TRIJIT, which makes your easy and comfortable to serve live media to your clients (which includes complete audio/video files upload, download, restore, configure and more).

Our Testimonials

The team at Trijit (TWS) is always courteous, and has always extended us the highest levels of service and support around the clock, which makes them as our hosting provider.


HR, Case Removals

We decided to focus on our strategic value proposition so as our hosting partner is Trijit helped us to roll out all our new services namely currency deliverables, featured web and mobile trading.


Head of IT, Global Securities Ltd

With Trijit India Datacenter as our technology partner, we have been able to provide our customers with a consistent and enhanced portal experience.


GM, Accede Innovationz

Trijit has given us the confidence and comfort level to focus on our business. Our potential clients are all around in Middle East Countries.

Md Imran