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  • Trijit launched its new Top Tier Datacenter in India, Bangalore with world class facility.
  • Trijit created the cloud infrastructure which best fits to any requirements.
  • Trijit delivered all its services on fastest ever network know as TRIJIT SWIFT NETWORK.
  • Trijit introduces a new support level mainly known as "LEGENDARY SUPPORT".
  • Trijit datacenter facilities are well knowed since people starts talking about it.

Managed Firewall Services

Dedicated Firewall

Managed Dedicated Firewalls

Trijit provides a single security breach can cripple your business. To protect your interests, we brought you the advanced firewall services. As part of this firewall service, we set up operate and manage firewalls for our customers.

Our Managed Firewall is cost-effective, yet powerful addition to securing your hosting infrastructure. We have a team of security engineers who monitor our network 24x7x365 who are available to help you configure and manage your firewall rules.

Trijit Firewall Service offerings include the following:

  • Shared firewall services
  • Dedicated firewall services
  • High Availability / Load Balancing firewall services
  • 24 x 7 monitoring of firewall functionality
  • Copies of log file reports upon request for customer records for the past week
  • System administration for firewall, including updates and hot fixes that affect performance of firewall
  • Firewall configuration data backup (once a week or whenever there is a configuration change)
Virtual Firewall

Managed Virtual Firewalls

Virtual systems are unique and distinct next-generation firewall instances within a single Palo Alto Networks firewall. Rather than deploy many individual firewalls, security service providers and enterprises can deploy a single pair of firewalls (high availability) and enable a series of virtual firewall instances or virtual systems. Each virtual system is an independent (virtual) firewall within the device that is managed separately and cannot be accessed or viewed by any other user.

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) improves productivity and communication by allowing secure remote access to important information for satellite offices or for employees that are on the road, without compromising security. Sensitive server administrator functions can be conducted in a safe environment. Allow for mobile VPN clients for further flexibility.

Our Managed Virtual Security Services includes:

  • Virtual firewall services
  • Dedicated firewall services
  • Load Balancing firewall services
  • 24 x forever monitoring of firewall functionality

Our Testimonials

The team at Trijit (TWS) is always courteous, and has always extended us the highest levels of service and support around the clock, which makes them as our hosting provider.


HR, Case Removals

We decided to focus on our strategic value proposition so as our hosting partner is Trijit helped us to roll out all our new services namely currency deliverables, featured web and mobile trading.


Head of IT, Global Securities Ltd

With Trijit India Datacenter as our technology partner, we have been able to provide our customers with a consistent and enhanced portal experience.


GM, Accede Innovationz

Trijit has given us the confidence and comfort level to focus on our business. Our potential clients are all around in Middle East Countries.

Md Imran