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  • Trijit launched its new Top Tier Datacenter in India, Bangalore with world class facility.
  • Trijit created the cloud infrastructure which best fits to any requirements.
  • Trijit delivered all its services on fastest ever network know as TRIJIT SWIFT NETWORK.
  • Trijit introduces a new support level mainly known as "LEGENDARY SUPPORT".
  • Trijit datacenter facilities are well knowed since people starts talking about it.
Manju Kumari
Manju Kumari

Manju Co-founded TRIJIT with Randhir and leads the Trijit human resource strategy and its global footprint. She, in tandem with board members, drives the strategic imperative of the Trijit vision. She has been instrumental in scaling up the HR department as the business grew. She is also responsible for HR strategy, workforce management and business leadership.

She has founded the TRIJIT Ventures under the group of TRIJIT companies. She has contributed immensely in the growth of Trijit Business. She contributes a key role in day to day financial management of the company. She has also served as Head of Finance and Corporate Strategy at Trijit.

Randhir Prakash
Randhir Prakash
Co-Founder & VP of Operations, International

Randhir is responsible for developing the company's strategic priorities and creating business growth across international markets. Randhir Prakash leads our Product Management function that works on the development our datacenter solutions and is also our technical evangelist and our loud voice in the market. TRIJIT have a world-class customer offering and it's his job to ensure that everyone knows that. He also played significant role in expanding business in USA over past in 2013.

After B.E. in Computer Science, he worked in Microsoft upto 2 years. He also played a technical consultant role in Trijit for fortune 500 IT companies like Accenture, IBM, HP, Microsoft, American Online, SAP Labs etc. His strong business skills, combined with a deep understanding of technology, are what keep Trijit a market leader in all its service offerings globally.

Fazal Nawaz
Usha Kumar

Usha Kumar brings over 14 years of technical experience and responsible for the entire Vision, Strategy, and Service Offerings of the Trijit group. Under her leadership, Trijit expanded its operations in Datacenter services in late 2010 in India and later in the year 2013 in USA with a strong technical team of solutions architect.

Once completion of her graduation she gained experience from working in one of the fortune 500 IT company, she took responsibility for developing both our internal and external communication strategies at TRIJIT. She also drives our global brand across International markets through influencer relations, events and other external marketing activities.

Fazal Nawaz
Animesh Meher

Animesh Meher was inducted as a Member of the Board of Directors of TRIJIT in May 2010. He is responsible for Delivery Excellence in the company. He has held various positions from project management to heading a business unit and he is in tandem with other board members, drives the strategic imperative of the Trijit vision.

He has contributed immensely in the growth of Trijit Business. Animesh has a bachelor's degree in computer science engineering from University in Belgaum, India.

Fazal Nawaz
V F Syed Fazal Nawaz
Advisory Board Member

Fazal, Advisory Board Member, leads the Trijit Infrastructure Design, Implementation & Maintenance. He is the chief architect of the Trijit Datacenter and played a key role in all aspect of the datacenter solutions. Fazal is responsible for delivering IT services to enable all aspects of the Trijit business, with a strong focus on improving the experience of Customer.

Fazal is leading the transformation of IT at Trijit by leveraging the latest technologies including cloud and IT enabled services. Fazal's expertise spans management and growing of datacenter business.

Pankaj Kumar
Pankaj Kumar
Independent Director

Pankaj direct Trijit's business strategy to expand its operations & customer base and sets a goal for its next achievement. With his diversified experience in ANZ, Philips, Timken, Mahindra Satyam, HCL etc. as a leading business role, he has been directing Trijit to next level.

With a Mtech. in Computer Science from Moscow University, he is a core member of the Trijit group's IT business. In this dynamic role, Pankaj is responsible for the all aspect of internal control compliance and provision of finance support to the various functions of the business.

Our Testimonials

The team at Trijit (TWS) is always courteous, and has always extended us the highest levels of service and support around the clock, which makes them as our hosting provider.


HR, Case Removals

We decided to focus on our strategic value proposition so as our hosting partner is Trijit helped us to roll out all our new services namely currency deliverables, featured web and mobile trading.


Head of IT, Global Securities Ltd

With Trijit India Datacenter as our technology partner, we have been able to provide our customers with a consistent and enhanced portal experience.


GM, Accede Innovationz

Trijit has given us the confidence and comfort level to focus on our business. Our potential clients are all around in Middle East Countries.

Md Imran